Welcome to Speakers Anonymous!


If you suffer from public speaking anxiety, spending every waking moment before a presentation with a pit in your stomach, a racing heart, shortness of breath, loss of concentration to do anything else, and the constant fear that you are going to be judged...you are in the right place!


We are a support community where you can connect and practice with others like you, who deal with public speaking anxiety on a regular basis, who have been struggling with the physical and emotional pain that goes along with public speaking anxiety, and who want to overcome their fears in a safe and judgment-free place so they can become more confident and relaxed in front of others.


Here at Speakers Anonymous, we firmly believe that practice and exposure is the only way to permanently overcome your fear of public speaking.


This is why our community is focused on providing free, on-demand practice sessions, so you can practice as often as you like with your peers.


To get started, check out our calendar of events to see what sessions are available.


Then, once you become comfortable presenting, we encourage members to become hosts, where you can practice running and facilitating meetings while helping others overcome their public speaking anxiety. Which is what a community is all about, involvement from its members!


So join now, and get involved with a community that could completely change your life!







Learn more about our practice speaking sessions

Here are just a few things you can practice in our sessions:

  • Work or class presentations

  • Leading group meetings

  • Presenting and accepting awards

  • Performing elevator pitches

  • Preparing for school and job interviews

  • Delivering wedding speeches and eulogies

  • And so much more!

So how do our practice sessions work?

Each session will consist of no more than 6 people who will meet virtually for 40-60 minutes. The host will be responsible for facilitating and guiding the session to ensure each person has an opportunity to practice speaking and then receive helpful feedback afterward.


You can use your time to practice a big presentation you have coming up for work, pitch your new business idea, or just give a speech about a topic you are passionate about (excluding politics, religion, or other controversial topics).

The goal is to allow all community members the opportunity to practice speaking in front of a group to help them overcome their fears and anxiety, and become a better speaker.

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