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Confident Communication: How to Speak Off-the-Cuff in Our New Virtual Reality

Wednesday, August 26th

7:00 - 8:00 PM Central

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Featured Speaker: Leah Bonvissuto - Founder of PresentVoices.


PresentVoices provides communication coaching and community for people who want to speak with more confidence in important moments. Leah is passionate about dismantling the systems that are silencing voices in our society so that more of us can be heard. She combines evidence-based tools, data assessments, and real-work relevance to create a completely customized process for you to articulate yourself with more confidence and clarity.

Are you able to say what you want to say in important moments? Do you lose your train of thought (or your personality) when you need it most? In this 60-minute live webinar, we'll talk about how to speak with power on video and in-person. We'll practice tangible tools to activate your presence when speaking off-the-cuff so you can be more yourself.


We'll talk about how to:

Take up more space or consciously make space for others in conversations

Think on your feet and feel more confident in-the-moment

Be engaging when speaking on video

The power and privilege of communication

Make video communication inclusive, safe, and clear

Preserve your energy and power

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