Are you tired of public speaking anxiety holding you back?


Public speaking anxiety can be a paralyzing fear, especially for those who have to do it at work or in class.


And like many others, this anxiety not only causes physical pain and discomfort, but it can also prevent you from sharing your ideas, showing your skills and expertise, and reaching your full potential.


Just the thought of speaking in front of others has already kept you from applying for your dream job or avoiding promotions that require more speaking situations.

73% of people suffer from public speaking anxiety!


While it may feel like you are alone sometimes, you are in the same boat as millions of others. Public speaking anxiety is a very common problem, and it can have detrimental effects on your personal life and your career. 


Public speaking anxiety can come in many forms, but most commonly, you may experience some of the following before, or during a presentation:

  • constant worry of judgment

  • shortness of breath

  • increased heart rate

  • upset stomach

  • loss of concentration

  • inability to speak 

  • shaky/nervous voice

So, what if you don’t treat your public speaking anxiety?


Aside from all of the physical discomforts that come with your fear and anxiety, there can be lifelong impacts of not treating your public speaking anxiety.


​You may lose out on promotions or your dream job because you are too scared to lead meetings and share your ideas.


​Your anxiety can also develop into something greater than just public speaking and can affect your mental health. It may start with work presentations, but can quickly snowball into an even more detrimental social anxiety that makes you scared to do anything that could cause you discomfort.


When you ignore and avoid the things that make you anxious, it will only cause you to be more anxious about them over time. You may feel better at that moment because you didn't have to present, but the feeling of failure and giving public speaking control over your life can start to build up, making your anxiety worse.

The only way to permanently overcome your public speaking anxiety...


While there are many techniques to relax and temporarily soothe your public speaking anxiety and help you be more confident, the only way to permanently overcome your fear is to face it, over and over again.


According to psychologists who specialize in fear and anxiety, exposure is the best treatment of anxiety.

​By exposing yourself to public speaking situations more often, it can reduce the anxiety associated with speaking over time.

Think about when you learned how to ride a bike. As a child, you may have been scared at first. It was new and it was intimidating. But you were determined to practice every day in the safety of your driveway because you knew how much joy it would bring riding around the neighborhood with your friends. After a few days, and some minor bumps and bruises, you overcame your fear and were riding your bike everywhere. 

Every other fear is the same, including public speaking. If you don't practice and put yourself in these uncomfortable situations, you will never overcome your fear and put your anxiety at ease.

Overcome your public speaking anxiety, in the next few weeks!


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